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CeleTalk : Puma Phone

The sports brand Puma has teamed up with the manufacturer Sagem to develop the Puma Phone.

The Puma Phone is equipped with a touchscreen of 2.8 inches that can display images of 240 x 320 pixels and a camera with a resolution of 3.2 mega pixels coupled to a LED flash. This phone is also equipped with a VGA camera at the front for video conversations. The Puma Phone should also be very appreciated by the athletes with its pedometer, GPS, compass and stopwatch equipping the phone.

The Puma Phone is also equipped with a slot for SD memory card and a jack of 3.5 mm in which you can plug the earphones supplied with the phone. The device has a correct connectivity with Bluetooth 2.1 and a compatible HSPA network.

The interface of the Puma Phone is very easy to use and the menus make its functions very accessible. In addition to the usual functions found on the phones in this category, Puma Phone has a lot of fun applications like music player shaped turntable or animated Puma.

The Puma Phone is distinguished by the presence on board of a solar charger with a charging indicator, placed on the back of the camera. The charger should enhance the Li-Ion battery that provides the phone normally with an autonomy of 5 hours of talk time and 350 hours on a standby mode.

Aimed to youth and athletes , a fetish clientele of the brand Puma.

No, there not everyone is going to use Android, the operating system for Google’s new generation of phones. Sagem, in association with the brand Puma, shows that other types of smartphones are possible. Indeed, the Puma Phone will not bother you with a platform for downloading applications as rich as those of terminals such as the iPhone, the Nexus One or HTC Desire. However, it offers original functions. It is indeed a smartphone mainly dedicated for the sport, and if it meets its public, it could, why not start a sportphone mode.

Among the options of the Puma Phone, as I said previously the pedometer and stopwatch are evidently intended for athletes. The first count your steps, calculates your speed and distance traveled, while the second, more conventional measure your time. The Puma Phone also incorporates several features now standard, but may show a new utility in a jogging in the woods: compass, GPS, geotag, mapping and routing.
In two terms if you are an athlete , the puma phone is the smartphone you need .

CeleTalk : Nokia E72

Yep , The Finnish have another cap in their hat. The famous company called Nokia came into existence in the 1860’s and today is known for being the leader in the cell phone manufacturing arena. The name has become very known and universal as air, water, fire when it comes to cell phones.

Maybe It is because they always have the secret to bring outstanding, innovative, user friendly products , such as the new Nokia E72.

The Nokia E72 has marked its own class as a tailor-made product where all the features were redefined and made simpler. The signatures of the company are clearly evident in this model as it is very user friendly, innovative, etc.

Some characteristics of the Nokia E72:

• even if it’s for office purpose, it comes with an autofocus 5MP camera and a front VGA camera for video calls.

• email, messaging, and instant messaging facilities.

• Improved navigational systems with activated GPS and maps.

• Quick office is preloaded with handy software like the Microsoft Word 2007, Excel 2007, Power Point 2007, etc.

• To suit your style and personality it comes with some very beautiful colors , that makes it simply wonderful (zodium black, topaz brown, etc).

• Connectivity facilities like the Bluetooth 2.0, EGPRS.

• A multi media player, MP3 player and gives redefined experience with JavaScript browsing.

• Excellent battery life and the minimal weight.

Anything with these good features will have some serious competitors .
There is only one true competitor for the Nokia E72 which is the HTC Diamond Touch 2. Such competitions are maybe the best way to prove the quality of the features each phone proposes and prove that they are better than the rest and ultimately the best in their class. Nokia E72 doesn’t belong to any class. It redefines a class for itself.

This is proved by all the features it proposes , just making it the best with all the added features of entertainment, internet, instant messaging, etc, preparing you for all your expected and unexpected travels, to let you be connected anywhere with your family and business.
If you want to know more about the Nokia E72 i invite you all to watch this video :