Have you ever heard about the LG GW620 ?? CeLeTaLk.com is here to talk about it:

The Korean manufacturer LG offers a full range of mobile phones on the market and with the arrival of Android, the new OS by Google, LG had to react . The first Android LG smartphone is also known as GW620 Etna. Unlike its competitors, LG sells a product aimed at young customers (in line with the LG KS360), at a very attractive price: maybe a good way to democratize Android.

LG has decided to make an entry level model without sacrificing the quality of the product. The design is nice and meets the needs of the target including a full QWERTY keyboard and a beautifully colored interface. The Shell of the LG GW620 is in aluminum with a Teflon finish for the battery cover: it allows a good adhesion of the product in the hand and prevents any accidental slips.

LG is betting on positioning a smartphone, usually intended for a more pro and / or techie audience, to young users and Android is not here for nothing. Android is Google, and now everyone knows that the Californian firm is enjoying a strong capital of sympathy specially from young people . So by launching a smartphone with Android, LG is playing on the intrinsic values of Google and its expertise in mobile telephony.

Android is an operating system on which it is possible to put a layer to make the difference. LG has used this option by adding a layer characterized by icons of menus similar to the interface S-Class 3D (well known on other LG models) and a dashboard that slide indefinitely.

The LG GW620 is powered by the Cupcake version of Android (Android 1.5) and a Qualcomm processor running at 528MHz. All runs well and allows multi-tasking. LG had the foresight to pre-board practical applications like QuickOffice which allows you to view Word documents and Excel , a software for video editing, a software push email and an application called “SNS”. This application allows you to connect to his Facebook account, Twitter and Bebo.

The Photo Manager is very successful both in terms of interface and functionality. You can filter files by date with those of a particular day, by tags or by individuals. These two points are very useful: for each photo you can add one or more keywords for easy retrieval and thanks to the Face ID technology, it is possible to automatically recognize faces and add a name above. More traditional functions such as adding to a favorite an item and sharing it by email or on social networks are also available.

In terms of Hardware, and found on the side right, a microSD slot, a button for direct access to music player and the button of the camera (5 megapixels). On the left side, the volume buttons and the micro USB port (standard on mobile Android) that recharges the mobile and connect to a computer. on the top , the on / off button and a 3.5mm audio jack. on the front part , the button “menu” and two hover buttons “home” and “return”.

Finally,I can say that the LG GW620 is a very good product to enter the sphere Android with a complete smartphone (3G, Wi-Fi, aGPS, compass, Touchscreen, …) at a very affordable price.
So what do you think about it ??