Cell phones are in popularity from many years and their craze is going on increasing day by day. Even younger generation is seen flaunting their attitude with the cell phones and are enjoying the fun entailed in the mobile phones. It is more common among the youth.

Almost each day comes with a discussion and debate on whether the teenagers should own, buy, carry and use a cell phone or not??

*Half population is in agreement of giving cell phones to their children because it is good thing and this way they are able to know where there child is. It gives a sense of security to the parents to know about the well being of their children.

*There a some people who don’t agree with this decision because they feel it makes the child mature and children may indulge into bad things and can spoil their life and career which is totally a fiction, there is no truth in it.



In some trouble or problem, the cell phone can prove to be a saving device for the children because it is easy to make a call to their parents and ask for immediate help. Way you will fee relaxed about the well being of you child at a safer pace.


It is better to tell your child not to use the cell phone at school premises and other institutions which don’t allow the use of cell phones. If your teacher got to know about your phones then he/she might take it from you and you will be hand over the cell phone only at the end of the year, this way parents suffer from the payment that they have done for the device.

Keep a track of their minutes and money spent on calls and also keep a knowledge of their friends to whom they make calls, otherwise it may lead to over expensive budget and also lead your child into the company of some wrong people…..