CeleTalk : Garmin-Asus A10

Garmin-Asus A10: the GPS phone for pedestrians
The companies Garmin and Asus team up again to launch the A10, a new GPS phone on Android for both drivers and pedestrians.

Garmin and Asus have partnered to launch soon a new Android powered smartphone, the Garmin-Asus A10 will have a touchscreen HVGA 3.2 inches with a resolution of 480 x 320 pixels. Equipped with a support with built-in speaker, the Garmin-Asus A10 will carry a camera with a resolution of 5 mega pixels with auto focus with a geolocation functionality for your shots, all powered by a battery power 1500 mAh.

A GPS phone device for pedestrians
The Garmin-Asus A10 is equipped with a GPS navigation system which is already mapping preinstalled on the device. This phone can be used for motorized trips will be particularly useful for pedestrians with his compass and electronics Cytiexplorer cards with which you can locate various transit systems such as trams, buses and subways.

An Android phone
Running on an Android platform, the phone Garmin Asus A10-embark all utilities Google with fast access to services Google Maps, Gmail and YouTube. This phone will support all applications and the Android Market will be compatible with the Microsoft Exchange server that will ensure better business communication and better sharing of data with their business.
Price and Availability

CeleTalk : Nokia N8

Nokia, the world leader in mobile phone sales, is not doing that much well in the smartphone market. With the N8, the Finn will attempt to differentiate themselves from competition with a high-end terminal.

The N8 is the first terminal to receive the new version of the Symbian OS ^ 3 (an evolution and not a complete overhaul of the system), supposed to improve the management of multipoint, offer greater customization of the interface and provide a better support of multitasking, more responsiveness.

From an ergonomic standpoint, the N8 does not really break with the usual codes of Nokia. The mark does not appear to be apparently ready to take the risks. Even if it’s Something that could give it a little more force. This would also allow it to certainly win against opponents who rely heavily on the concept of design. The Nokia style, even if it has no reason to be abandoned should give more diversification, which just seems necessary today in this niche.

The N8 will have a 3.5 inch touch screen, 16GB of internal memory (expandable with microSD up to 32GB), a 12 megapixel photo sensor, an FM receiver, it will handle 720p video recording and will have an HDMI output to be connected to a TV.in terms of Connectivity it will support 3G, Bluetooth and WiFi.

Since the iPhone has dictated new rules, Nokia is struggling to impose itself on this market segment yet booming. If its latest models are able to attract fans of the brand, none has managed to repeat the success of the N95.

Between Asians and their “steamroller” strategy , the slew of Android-powered devices, and the U.S. Apple and BlackBerry, Nokia has no other choice but to operate differently.

CeleTalk : Iphone OS 4.0

The fourth generation of the iPhone OS will soon be entering the ring.

It will run on the iPhone 3G and the third generation of the iPod Touch and of course the iPad, but only partially on the previous generation. The developers have launched a preliminary version of the iPhone OS 4.0.

More than 100 new features are expected. But the main feature that makes the most sense is undoubtedly the multitasking, hue and cry by many users of the iPhone.

Interactive advertising in Apps
you will be therefore able to move from a third party application to another by Pressing the button “home” twice, a ribbon appears at the bottom of the screen bringing the icons of open applications. You can keep them in the background, for example listen to music from an application like Spotify while responding to an e-mail.
But this will only work on the services listed by Apple: audio, voice over IP geolocalization, notifications, task execution (while the transfer of a photo on an online service for example) and switching to an application on hold.

The company explains that it is the best way to multitask without much pull on the battery or system performance. Another limitation: it will not work on the iPhone and iPod Touch second generation.
Without going into details, Apple has cited some major new features of this fourth generation OS:

The arrival of folders: the user can unite under a single icon (a folder) placed on the home screen several applications. For example, to access to all of your games with one click .

Game Community: Through the Game Center you’ll have the possibility to invit friends ,manage high scores, trophies … Innovations strangely reminding of what Microsoft offers on Xbox Live.

An enhanced messaging, combining several email accounts (Yahoo, Exchange, etc.). The ability to organize messages in threads to follow e-mail conversation and attachments associated with applications installed.
Access to the iBook library , like on the iPad. The synchronization of a book purchased will be on all platforms, iPhone, iPad …

Full of news for business: managing a fleet of aircraft, delivery of applications directly from the wireless, support for Exchange Server 2010 , VPN improved …

The other big new feature is the arrival of an advertising platform integrated in the applications. iad may well become the itching powder of the users of the iPhone.

Celetalk : Nokia N97 mini Gold

The Finnish phone manufacturer Nokia is launching a new version of its successful smartphone the N97 mini with a Gold edition.

To compare it with the original version launched in September 2009, its equipped with a 18K gold shell, a headset in the same tone and a white leather pouch giving a luxurious look to the device. The rest is the same terminal running on Symbian S60 Fifth Edition and powered with an ARM processor clocked at 434 MHz and paired with 128MB of RAM.

We also find the large LCD resistive touch interface of 3.2 inches capable of displaying 16.7 million colors in a resolution 360 x 640 pixels with recognition of handwriting, proximity and sensor function, the accelerometer to rotate the display and ambient light sensor to adjust the brightness of the display and of course a full QWERTY keyboard for messaging.

the Nokia N97 Mini Gold Edition is compatible with 2G mobile networks, 3G and Wi-Fi , GPS navigation, electronic compass, digital camera with 5 Megapixels Carl Zeiss optics, autofocus and 14x digital zoom, dual LED flash and geotagging, the secondary sensor 0.3 Megapixel front for videoconferencing, video-audio player, FM radio with RDS and 3.5 mm audio output for headphones.

Not to mention the internal memory of 8GB, slot motherboards for microSD / microSDHC up to 16GB, microUSB 2.0 port, Bluetooth 2.0 connectivity and Lithium-Ion 1 200 mAh more than 7 hours calls in 2G about 4 hours on 3G, 2 hours and 30 minutes in video playback, 28 hours of music playback and more than 300 hours of standby time.

CeleTalk : Puma Phone

The sports brand Puma has teamed up with the manufacturer Sagem to develop the Puma Phone.

The Puma Phone is equipped with a touchscreen of 2.8 inches that can display images of 240 x 320 pixels and a camera with a resolution of 3.2 mega pixels coupled to a LED flash. This phone is also equipped with a VGA camera at the front for video conversations. The Puma Phone should also be very appreciated by the athletes with its pedometer, GPS, compass and stopwatch equipping the phone.

The Puma Phone is also equipped with a slot for SD memory card and a jack of 3.5 mm in which you can plug the earphones supplied with the phone. The device has a correct connectivity with Bluetooth 2.1 and a compatible HSPA network.

The interface of the Puma Phone is very easy to use and the menus make its functions very accessible. In addition to the usual functions found on the phones in this category, Puma Phone has a lot of fun applications like music player shaped turntable or animated Puma.

The Puma Phone is distinguished by the presence on board of a solar charger with a charging indicator, placed on the back of the camera. The charger should enhance the Li-Ion battery that provides the phone normally with an autonomy of 5 hours of talk time and 350 hours on a standby mode.

Aimed to youth and athletes , a fetish clientele of the brand Puma.

No, there not everyone is going to use Android, the operating system for Google’s new generation of phones. Sagem, in association with the brand Puma, shows that other types of smartphones are possible. Indeed, the Puma Phone will not bother you with a platform for downloading applications as rich as those of terminals such as the iPhone, the Nexus One or HTC Desire. However, it offers original functions. It is indeed a smartphone mainly dedicated for the sport, and if it meets its public, it could, why not start a sportphone mode.

Among the options of the Puma Phone, as I said previously the pedometer and stopwatch are evidently intended for athletes. The first count your steps, calculates your speed and distance traveled, while the second, more conventional measure your time. The Puma Phone also incorporates several features now standard, but may show a new utility in a jogging in the woods: compass, GPS, geotag, mapping and routing.
In two terms if you are an athlete , the puma phone is the smartphone you need .

CeLeTalk : Google Nexus One , The Good and The Bad Things

The Nexus One is creating a huge buzz. It must be said that the Google phone is considered as a serious competitor to the iPhone, Celetalk has tested it for you and has put together the good and bad points of Nexus One.

The good

Design: clean to the extreme, the Nexus One is designed by Taiwanese HTC So the Google brand is mentioned nowhere. The device is conspicuous by its finesse (119 mm in length, 59.8 mm in width and 11.5 mm thick), its wide screen (3.7 inches) and lightweight (130 g). An aesthetic reminding the iPhone. The fans of sobriety will appreciate.

Use: With the new Android 2.1, the Nexus One has a superior technical capabilities to its rival. It thus has 512 MB of RAM (twice the iPhone 3GS) and Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 3G QSD8250, one of the most powerful on the market and will also equip the first SmartBook HP. Result: it runs quickly and provides a smooth and pleasant browsing.

Another advantage: the advanced management of multi-tasking, very limited on the iPhone.

Multimedia: There the Nexus One is clear hunting on the lands of Apple offering a more efficient camera of 5 megapixels. In addition, it can record (MPEG 4) videos in high definition.

Gadgets: two microphones equip the Nexus One to “avoid ambient noise during a conversation,” according to Google. The revolution comes from the Gallery application, which allows access to images and videos in a easy and intuitive way. For now, Android Market claims to provide 18,000 applications but also claims itself to be a rather open tool: developers can add their own application to be validated or not by Google.

Another gadget: the animated screen.

The Bad

Screen: While it shines by its resolution (480×800, AMOLED technology), it annoys with the lack of touch precision..

Speak English: the voice recognition tool which is boasted by Google – which makes it possible to transcribe voice messages or to query the phone – is only available in French. It can be only used in English and with a good accent, please.

Verdict: If the Nexus One is a serious competitor of the iPhone, it even surpasses it in technical capabilities, thanks to Android 2.1. However, the Nexus is not a revolution.


CeLeTalk : Motorola Devour

Question : which phone has as first user the star actress of the movie Transformers, Megan Fox? Answer: the Motorola Devour. A touch slide smartphone, the newcomer uses Google Android 1.6 as well as the entire suite of software for Google mobile. Access to the Android Market will also be available so you can download applications to your phone. Okay before we start let me tell you that this phone is bringing nothing new . but as long as Megan Fox likes it , I like it too :p .

More than a simple phone :
Externally well finished, the aluminum body of the Devour is in black and silver. It gives an impression of undeniable quality to this phone . Weighing 180 grams, this smartphone offers an LCD screen of 7.9 cm and 65 000 colors, and capacitive touch. With the 8GB card provided, gone is the problem of space for music and videos! Good size, the diagonal allows watching h.264, h.263, MPEG-4 formats.

Regarding audio, MP3, AAC, WMA, WAV and MIDI are supported. Moreover, according to the tilt of the phone , the display rotates. Classic but useful, especially when typing e-mails or on chat sessions.
Whether in the Exchange format, GMail, IMAP, POP3 , e-mail accounts are welcome, like SMS and MMS. The navigation seems easy enough on the screen. The question is whether manipulating it with the finger will be effective and responsive. The Devour can obviously synchronize with calendars, files, contacts e-mails and telephone calls through the supplied software. Regarding the battery, Motorola announced more than 6 hours of talk time to 443 hours standby.

But let’s be clear this phone is coming from the past , at a time when phones like the iphone or google nexus one are bringing ingenious and new stuff , so in two words from a very personal point of view, unless I have Megan Fox offered with the phone, I won’t buy it
The Motorola Devour will be sold in the United States at the operator Verizon Wireless.

CeleTalk : Sony Ericsson ViVaz

The Japanese manufacturer Sony Ericsson has unveiled a new Smartphone running on the Symbian S60 5th generation , and named vivaz.

Equipped with a touch screen of 3.2 inches displaying a resolution of 360 x 640 pixels in 16:9 format, the Sony Ericsson vivaz is a Smartphone that loads the 5th edition of the operating system Symbian S60. Integrating 3G +, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, it has a GPS module and a video output with a video recording feature of 720 p.

An 8.1 Megapixels Camera

this Smartphone is featuring a camera of 8.1 Megapixels with different options like autofocus, digital stabilization of image, face and smile detection that allow the user to take images with the same quality of a traditional APC. With this powerful device, it can also record video in HD resolution.

Youtube Friendly

The Sony Ericsson vivaz can transfer photos and videos directly to a Picasa or Youtube account. In addition, vivaz is equipped with a TV output, an FM tuner and a standard audio jack of 3.5mm jack.

A unique design

The Smartphone vivaz is featuring an original design and available in four different colors (red, blue, black and silver). It’s a perfect traveling companion.

Main Features

3G + Network

Touch screen 3.2 inch 16:9, 360 x 640 pixels

8.1 megapixels Camera

720p Video Recording

WiFi + Bluetooth

A-GPS Module

microSD memory card Port


RDS FM Radio + 3.5 mm jack


CeLeTaLK's about: The LG GW620

Have you ever heard about the LG GW620 ?? CeLeTaLk.com is here to talk about it:

The Korean manufacturer LG offers a full range of mobile phones on the market and with the arrival of Android, the new OS by Google, LG had to react . The first Android LG smartphone is also known as GW620 Etna. Unlike its competitors, LG sells a product aimed at young customers (in line with the LG KS360), at a very attractive price: maybe a good way to democratize Android.

LG has decided to make an entry level model without sacrificing the quality of the product. The design is nice and meets the needs of the target including a full QWERTY keyboard and a beautifully colored interface. The Shell of the LG GW620 is in aluminum with a Teflon finish for the battery cover: it allows a good adhesion of the product in the hand and prevents any accidental slips.

LG is betting on positioning a smartphone, usually intended for a more pro and / or techie audience, to young users and Android is not here for nothing. Android is Google, and now everyone knows that the Californian firm is enjoying a strong capital of sympathy specially from young people . So by launching a smartphone with Android, LG is playing on the intrinsic values of Google and its expertise in mobile telephony.

Android is an operating system on which it is possible to put a layer to make the difference. LG has used this option by adding a layer characterized by icons of menus similar to the interface S-Class 3D (well known on other LG models) and a dashboard that slide indefinitely.

The LG GW620 is powered by the Cupcake version of Android (Android 1.5) and a Qualcomm processor running at 528MHz. All runs well and allows multi-tasking. LG had the foresight to pre-board practical applications like QuickOffice which allows you to view Word documents and Excel , a software for video editing, a software push email and an application called “SNS”. This application allows you to connect to his Facebook account, Twitter and Bebo.

The Photo Manager is very successful both in terms of interface and functionality. You can filter files by date with those of a particular day, by tags or by individuals. These two points are very useful: for each photo you can add one or more keywords for easy retrieval and thanks to the Face ID technology, it is possible to automatically recognize faces and add a name above. More traditional functions such as adding to a favorite an item and sharing it by email or on social networks are also available.

In terms of Hardware, and found on the side right, a microSD slot, a button for direct access to music player and the button of the camera (5 megapixels). On the left side, the volume buttons and the micro USB port (standard on mobile Android) that recharges the mobile and connect to a computer. on the top , the on / off button and a 3.5mm audio jack. on the front part , the button “menu” and two hover buttons “home” and “return”.

Finally,I can say that the LG GW620 is a very good product to enter the sphere Android with a complete smartphone (3G, Wi-Fi, aGPS, compass, Touchscreen, …) at a very affordable price.
So what do you think about it ??

CeleTalk : Nokia E72

Yep , The Finnish have another cap in their hat. The famous company called Nokia came into existence in the 1860’s and today is known for being the leader in the cell phone manufacturing arena. The name has become very known and universal as air, water, fire when it comes to cell phones.

Maybe It is because they always have the secret to bring outstanding, innovative, user friendly products , such as the new Nokia E72.

The Nokia E72 has marked its own class as a tailor-made product where all the features were redefined and made simpler. The signatures of the company are clearly evident in this model as it is very user friendly, innovative, etc.

Some characteristics of the Nokia E72:

• even if it’s for office purpose, it comes with an autofocus 5MP camera and a front VGA camera for video calls.

• email, messaging, and instant messaging facilities.

• Improved navigational systems with activated GPS and maps.

• Quick office is preloaded with handy software like the Microsoft Word 2007, Excel 2007, Power Point 2007, etc.

• To suit your style and personality it comes with some very beautiful colors , that makes it simply wonderful (zodium black, topaz brown, etc).

• Connectivity facilities like the Bluetooth 2.0, EGPRS.

• A multi media player, MP3 player and gives redefined experience with JavaScript browsing.

• Excellent battery life and the minimal weight.


Anything with these good features will have some serious competitors .
There is only one true competitor for the Nokia E72 which is the HTC Diamond Touch 2. Such competitions are maybe the best way to prove the quality of the features each phone proposes and prove that they are better than the rest and ultimately the best in their class. Nokia E72 doesn’t belong to any class. It redefines a class for itself.

This is proved by all the features it proposes , just making it the best with all the added features of entertainment, internet, instant messaging, etc, preparing you for all your expected and unexpected travels, to let you be connected anywhere with your family and business.
If you want to know more about the Nokia E72 i invite you all to watch this video :